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AI-Powered Enrollment Success

Achieve Higher Enrollment Yield, Lower Summer Melt, and Improved Student Retention with Oblio's Inbox-Based AI

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About us

Revolutionize Undergrad and Graduate Enrollment with our unrivaled Inbox-Based AI tool.

  • CRM Agnostic (Slate, Salesforce, TargetX, etc.)
  • Enhanced Collaboration
  • AI-Powered Insights
  • Automated Actionable Emails
  • No System Change Required
  • Secure and Compliant

The Power of Personalization Made Simple for Everyone

In today's time, it’s not enough to just have admissions counselors reaching out to students. Admissions offices must have faculty, department chairs, deans, and other university leadership do hyper-personalized reach out to both students and parents. 

And, by eliminating the need to have to log-into the Admission Office's CRM or have to deal with an Excel sheets, Oblio simplifies the process for anyone at the school send true hyper-personalized messages.


What is Inbox-Based AI?

Inbox-Based AI refers to a technology that utilizes artificial intelligence within the email inbox to streamline and enhance various tasks and processes. It involves leveraging AI capabilities directly within the email interface, allowing users to perform actions, automate workflows, and access intelligent features without the need to be moving between multiple screens or external software and platforms.

Unlike traditional software, there's no need to learn new systems, switch CRMs, deal with complicated dashboards, or juggle multiple platforms. Everything takes place seamlessly within the familiar email inbox, simplifying the experience for admissions officers, faculty, staff, coaches, and university leadership to increase their hyper-personalized outreach. 

Seamless Multilingual Communication

We understand the importance of effective communication with parents and families throughout the admissions process. That's why our Inbox-Based AI tool goes beyond personalization in English—it empowers colleges and universities to easily include personalized messages in other languages, such as Spanish, to cater to diverse families.

Simplifying Multilingual Communication

With Oblio, admissions officers can effortlessly create and send personalized messages to parents and families in their preferred language. There's no need for external translation services or additional software. The seamless integration of multilingual capabilities within our Inbox-Based AI tool streamlines the communication process and ensures that every family feels valued and understood.

Improving Engagement and Trust

By incorporating personalized messages in other languages, colleges and universities can foster stronger engagement and build trust with parents and families from diverse backgrounds. This level of inclusivity demonstrates a commitment to supporting families throughout the admissions journey and creates a more welcoming environment for all.

Enhancing the Enrollment Experience

At Oblio, we believe in providing equal opportunities for all families to engage with the admissions process. Our tool enables colleges and universities to overcome language barriers and deliver personalized experiences that resonate with parents and families, regardless of their primary language. This inclusive approach not only enhances the enrollment experience but also contributes to a more diverse and vibrant campus community.

Early Supporters and Collaborators

Oblio has been part of the inaugural class at two world-class accelerators. 


Are you ready to unlock the potential of Inbox-Based AI for Enrollment?